We’re gearing up for #Botany2018 in Rochester, MN at the end of month. It’s bound to be a fun-filled three days of exciting talks focused on all things botanical!

We’re particularly excited about two talks that focus on the evolution of geophytes. First, Carrie Tribble, a PhD candidate at the University of California, Berkeley, will be presenting “Characterizing the evolution of underground morphology and climatic niche in the order Liliales.” This talk is bound to be an exciting fine-scaled exploration of the underground morphology of the Liliales, a group which includes bulbs, corms, root tubers and rhizomes, and how these below ground traits relate to the climatic niches of these diverse and beautiful species. Another geophytophile, Cody Coyotee Howard, a PhD candidate at the University of Florida, will be presenting “Global phylogenetic patterns and diversification of monocotyledonous geophytes.” It’ll be interesting to see what broad patterns of geophyte evolution within the monocots Howard has unearthed. Will these talks compliment or contradict one another? We recommend attending both in order to find out!

See you in Rochester!

Abstract links:

Carrie Tribble, et al.

Cody Coyotee Howard, et al.

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